GAMERS MUST HAVE THIS ACCOUNT FOR GAMING ONLINE is a place where you can play unlimited games with your friends. You can have a League of Legends account or commonly called LoL which you can use to play games with your friends. You and your friends from Europe with the same ping. Tired of playing games offline? Now it’s time for you to switch to playing games online only at Here, you can play various games online with your friends and surely this will be very fun. also provides accounts that have been created and are ready to be used to play. Each account has different specifications and advantages. Besides that, you can buy these accounts at a price that is quite affordable at all levels of society.

Is It Possible to Have More Than 2 EUW Accounts? offers a variety of accounts that they have prepared for sale. The account sold here is an account originating from the EU West Server so it will be very easy to play if you are from Europe. EUW includes several major countries in Europe such as Britain, Germany, and Spain. Why? Because this is a multi-lingual location where gamers speak. So, gamers from outside Europe can also use this EUW account. Gamers who don’t feel satisfied have one account, they can buy several other accounts from different places. A gamer can have two or 3 accounts, each of these funds does not come from the same place.

EUW Account

Which Regions Are Not Permitted to Transfer the Other Account to EUW Account?

All regions in the world can buy and use an EUW account. However, some countries such as Russia, Brazil and other Latin American countries such as Brazil are not permitted to transfer to EUW. Such actions also apply to China, Korea, and Southeast Asia. So, you can directly buy an EUW account without having to transfer your other account. This is very simple if you directly buy an EUW account and enjoy your free time by playing games online with your favorite team.

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